Serial Cabling

Using Network Cables for Serial

Once you receive your Altair Clone, several serial interface cables will be needed to run between you PC, terminal or other RS232 type serial devices.  In my case I used CAT 5e and CAT 6 network patch cables laying around. It just seem logical to use them to create my serial interconnections.  A quick look around my local Micro Center Store resulted in founding the QVS DB25 Male to RJ45 Female Serial//Terminal Modular Adapter (QVS part number CC342) for the Altair side and QVS DB9 Female to RJ45 Female Serial/Terminal Modular Adaptor (QVS part number CC439) for the PC side.  One nice feature of using these adaptors along with network patch cables is the lack of having to solder connectors to cable.  Just poke the correct pins in to the correct holes on the shell and you are done. One optional tool you might also wish to look for and buy is a pin extractor tool.  You use this tool to remove any wrongly installed pins from the shell. The included print shows how I setup the wiring for all the serial cabling I am using.