Walter's Retro Elf
Walter used his board set to build this nice looking version of th Retro Elf. Walter's is more colorful than mine.
Josh's Retro Elf
Sorry about the pour picture. I had to crop this image from a much larger one. So right down the table form Walter's Retro Elf at the VCFMW was Josh's version. He went with a nice clean metal case for his and also created the nice label adhesive sets that dress up both his and Walter's. Josh also case up with some nice design enhancements that I will be incorporating in the next board release.
Ed's Retro Elf Plus
Yet again the builders of the world have produced a nicer final package then my humble attempt. Ed's resulting Retro Elf Plus build uses the same enclosure that I used but added a set of nice aluminum front and back panels. To quote my email to Ed once I saw his finish project, "Oh-my-god! This is a piece of art Ed! Hell now I have to make myself one to keep up." Ed was nice enough to supply me with a copy of his panel layout and yes I did order myself a set of panels just like Ed's.