Vintage Computer Festival Mid West - 12

"Now in their twelfth year, the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest returned to Chicago's northwest suburbs on September 9-10 2017 and awakened memories of computing's past, returning to 2015's new, larger location, conveniently situated near O'Hare International Airport. VCF Midwest showcaseed rare artifacts and restored relics as well as the home computers of the 1970s, 80s and 90s along with new gadgets from the hobbyist community that help make them useful even today. Speakers and demonstrations relevant to the industry and the hobby where also featured.
A view of my tables this year
This year I expand to a two table setup and there was more than just my Retro Elfs at my tables. This years display included:

An Heathkit computer setup with an H8 system unit connected to an H9 terminal and a H47 floppy drive unit with two 3.5 inch floppy drives along with a Semi Virtual Disk SVD-III.

An Altair 8800 Clone connected to a Wyse-55 terminal.

An S100 system connected to a Wyse-55 terminal.

Two Retro Elf Plus systems with unit one connected to a Wyse-55 terminal.
And just accross from my table is other fellow COSMAC Elf enthusiasts and their vintage toys.
A nice wide shot of the VCFMW 12 room
NIce array of Timex Sinclair 1000 systems with extras
A nice display of a range of Radio Shack computers
And a Radio Shack COCO and other systems
Commodore Pets to the left and an HP system to the right
Commodore C64s and supporting peripherals anyone
The vintage reading table
Brake time
Where's the mouse again?
Let's talk cards
Looking under the hood...Ah something is is this thing running again?
Remember that Commodore start out as a calculator company
Some nice Commodores and wait...what is that I see...Virtual Reality on a C64!