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Welcome to

Above picture in the title header is a panoramic picture of my Astrorat Lab.  No effort was made to clear it up, so you are seeing it in its normal condition. This messy and chaotic place is where I go to learn and develop new ideas, play with and restore the many retro toys gathered for over the past 35 plus years. It is here I site back with a soda and relax after a long hard day.

One day I had the thought, why am I not using the internet to share some of the ideas, concepts and discoveries I have learned.  So is not a commercial site full of ads or sales pitches. Just a private site for sharing of ideas, thoughts and concepts of interest to me.  Over time the site's focus will move on to new concepts and interests.

I'm just a normal guy with a wide area of interestsNot all the information presented here will be perfect. Errors and mistakes should be expected.  Grammar and spelling (especially spelling) errors will be normal.  I do try my best though.

But in the end this site is just my soap box to show off what I find interesting and wish to share with you. My hope is that you find some of my interest may resonate with you, that you learn something new or just enjoyment yourself.